Hello and thank you for visiting my page.  My name is Andy Johnson and I am running to be the next County Clerk for the great people of Williamson County, Tennessee.

“Government should work for the people.”

In my day-to-day business, I deal with government offices throughout the country.  Many of these offices seem to have forgotten they are there to serve the public needs.  Whether elected, appointed or hired, every person in my office will have a servant’s heart and will treat each “customer” as if they were the owner of the company, BECAUSE THEY ARE!  If elected, my policy will always be directed toward customer service.

“I plan to embrace technology to make the office more efficient and more convenient for the taxpayers.”

Technology is rapidly evolving to provide convenience, reliability and efficiency to government offices throughout the country.  Many businesses have embraced electronic signing of contracts and other important documents.  There are even some states that have adopted legislation to make it legal for notaries to sign via smartphone webcam.  There are day-one technological implementations that can facilitate more remote transactions, thus removing the burden of traveling, parking and “standing in line.”  I am pro-business and want to make dealing with the county as painless and pleasant as possible.

“I served in the Navy for six years and now it is time for me to serve my community.”

In 1998 I joined the Navy and enrolled in the elite Navy Nuclear Power program. After intensive training in Goose Creek, SC and Ballston Spa, NY,  I was assigned to the USS Harry S. Truman based in Norfolk, VA.  I completed two Mediterranean deployments: The Truman’s maiden deployment and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  I look forward to bringing my vast experience from the military and business to serve my local community.

“We chose Williamson County to raise our family.”

In 2005, after marrying my high school sweetheart, Karyn, we had the opportunity to choose where we would raise our family.  After visiting several times and much research, we decided Franklin would be where we would set roots.  After more than twelve years here, we consider ourselves blessed to be part of such a great community.  I am excited for the opportunity to be able to serve and give back to this community that gives us so much.

“I am a true Conservative and will fight against fee increases, as well as removing unnecessary expenditures.”

I value the taxpayers money and I want to be a good steward of every penny that comes across my desk. Williamson County is currently $600,000,000 in debt, ready to take on about $400,000,000 more. The County Clerk’s office brings in about $3,000,000 in yearly revenue and has about $1,000,000 in expenses. Fiscal responsibility and accountability is imperative in all government offices and I can assure you that every dollar in and out will have a specific purpose.

“I love learning and trying new things.  I am always thinking outside of the box, looking for ways to improve and innovate.”

As a self-starter and entrepreneur, I have built three businesses from the ground-up.  My role in these businesses is an energetic, hands-on problem-solver and innovator.  Always remembering that businesses cannot exist without customers, it is my primary goal to treat them with honesty and respect.  This same customer-service philosophy will carry over seamlessly to the County Clerk’s office.  I embrace the Chick-fil-A mantra of “It was a pleasure to serve you.”

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