Hit the Pavement

I absolutely hated running.  I thought is was boring, monotonous and you always feel so tired and out of shape.  Well, I no longer feel that way.  It is like a drug.  It is like the road calls to you when you are away, teasing you.  It is there, waiting to be conquered.  My muscles are sore, my body is tired, but I long to be back on the road.  Each run I get more confident and less fatigued.  I feel I can run longer and farther each time.

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A New Decade, A New Me

I have so many thoughts, ideas and oddities rolling around in my head, that I need to get them down.  I guess the beginning of my new life started when I turned 30.  Karyn and I had been going to a small church for 2 years and never connected there.  We decided to try another church, called Rolling Hills Community Church.  Just about every Sunday we have been there, it is like God has spoken directly to us. One Sunday, I got convicted by the New Testament story, where Jesus told the man to sell everything and give it to the poor and follow HIM.  The man didn’t because he had great wealth.  I felt convicted that day to sell my Xbox and give the money to the poor.  Out of obedience I did just that.  Karyn was shocked since Xbox was on almost every day and late into the night at our house.  It was an escape, an isolation, an addiction.  It became my god and consumed my thoughts.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to give it up.  I sold it on eBay and gave the money to Nashville Rescue Mission.  The money would go to serve something like 300+ meals.  It’s hard to imagine that while I was playing “games” and wasting my time, that could have gone to something to help someone in need.

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